What we do

Wednesdays are the club training nights when courses are run for a variety of abilities. We usually have tea/coffee, a bacon butty and perhaps cake afterwards. 

For 2021 we haven’t set the program yet so talk to us and check the Whats On page and our Facebook feed.

We do occasionally also paddle informally on a Friday night. These sessions are not organised coached events, more an opportunity for a bunch of pals to go paddling, and often don’t happen ! There may or may not be a coach present but there is always peer learning, progression, and fun available. Paddlers should be at least Explore ability. Talk to a coach if you are unsure, and keep an eye on Facebook or chat to us n a Wednesday.

Please note – anybody attending accepts that they do so at their own risk. Regrettably junior paddlers should not attend unless under the supervision of a competent paddling adult.

All sessions outside of the formal courses may involve anything from paddling round the harbour, surf, riding the sluice, longer sea trips (maybe St Ives and back), rolling practice or a mix of activities. These are usually decided on the night by those present with the conditions in mind as well as who wants what !

We do also do some river and other trips away from base at various times, so it’s worth joining us on Facebook to stay up to date with news and events. Many of us paddle at various times in and around the harbour, so join us, there is often something going on !

Most of this is on the calendar on the Whats On page !

If we don’t seem to do something you want, ask us !

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