Club Season Start

Like everyone else we are having an, er, interesting time getting up and running again, so please be nice !

Club nights will start again on April 28th. We expect this to be a rather chaotic night possibly with more questions than answers or paddling, mostly just to say hello to those we haven’t seen for a while and sort out who does what and how rusty we all are.  It’s a good high tide at around 19:00, so do come along but please don’t expect too much !

If you have paddled before but your membership has lapsed, or you moved away for some time, or you have had a gap but want to get back into it or any other reason for not being a club member for a while, we will ask you to do an induction session where we will take you round the harbour to point out or remind you of dangers, changes, no go areas, where we can practise what sort of paddling etc.  We also like to see you paddle and chat about it so we know how we can best help you before you commit to membership.  These sessions are expected to take place on the last club night of every month, starting April 28th and we would ask you to talk to to book in.

Fully coached courses to get into the sport will not start till later in the season when its all a bit warmer, which will be advised separately in the next few weeks.  We will of course be doing our best to support those who still need ‘between course’ coaching and just practice paddling and paddling for fitness.  Basically if you want to paddle, talk to us, we’ll do our best to help out !