Clothing Needs

The Chairman says :

As you are all aware the club has various kayaks and safety equipment available for use by members until they eventually acquire their own. However, we do not have any clothing available.

Now that we are entering the colder winter season, it is even more important that appropriate kit is worn. Members are expected to dress appropriately so please read below..

– Footwear should be worn (without laces flapping around that could get snagged inside the kayak).
– Wetsuit (I personally have a ‘longjohn’ style wetsuit without arms which allows me extra movement). Style etc is down to personal preference and different thicknesses etc are available..
– Fleece/rash vest to allow extra layer and warmth
– Rather than a wetsuit, some prefer to wear separate ‘paddling trousers’ and warm top.
– An appropriate ‘Cag’. This is extremely important as helps keep the wet out and, more importantly, protects against wind. These come in various styles, semi dry, dry etc.. This should be specifically designed for kayaking use (from a kayak/watersports dealer) as opposed to a windproof/waterproof coat from the high street.

Clearly you can spend more and get into the realms of drysuits but these are expensive and will only be used through part of the year whereas your cag can be used all year round if required.

Please ensure that you all have the above to allow you to remain comfortable and well on the water.

Cornwall Canoes in St Column, Wild Things near Fourlanes and AS Watersports in Exeter all tend to give discounts to our club members and there are numerous online retailers.

Any questions on the above then please ask me or another coach.


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