What we do 2020

teaching_kayaking_in_hayle_harbourDSCN0069_1024When we’re not in lockdown, we paddle for fun and learning!  Club activities are severely curtailed at the moment of writing, and it looks unlikely we will be coaching much in 2020 if at all. 

Outside of pandemic situations, and short of going into a mission statement, we try to cater for all ages and stages, tricky conditions and flat, all to very high standards under the eye of Canoe England. We operate mainly in Hayle Harbour, but that gives us access to standing waves, flat water, tidal water, surf and everything in between.  We also do river and other trips through the year.  We normally run courses on Wednesday nights to Discover and Explore levels, and just go for social unpressured paddles.  We are not booking any course at the moment as we have no more idea than anyone when we will be able to.  In all reality, we do not expect to coach until 2021, but do feel free to contact us throuigh the contact page !  Stay safe and good luck !

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