Covid-19 on March 25th

Hayle Canoe Club – advice on use of club facilities & Covid-19

We have been debating what advice we can offer to members given the uncertainty of the present situation and the present government guidelines. As the situation with respect to exercise has been left to individuals to decide what to do it is felt that we should try to give our considered advice regarding the use of club facilities.

Jeremy Hunt, the former health secretary on BBC news this morning said that the science indicates that for every 1 person who dies from Covid-19, 1000 will already be infected. Further science indicates that the infection rate is likely to double every 5 days unless people adhere to strict social distancing. At present it is estimated that 400,000 people are infected with Covid-19 and by early next week this could be 1 in 50 of the population (1 million plus).

It is also in the news today of some in their 20’s, 30’s and 40’s needing high intensive hospital treatment with an uncertain outcome. The risk is greatest for the older and less fit people, but due to the unknown nature of the Covid-19 virus, other risks such as those who already have a cold, those in recovery from cancer treatment, asthma sufferers and so on, mean we should all be doing everything possible to limit the risk to ourselves and others. That risk, if you are lucky is mild, but you may be one of the ones who have serious and life threatening symptoms, or even pass it to one or more of your family. This virus is highly infectious and as yet we have no medical cure.

The government has said that individuals or family groups can pursue one form of exercise a day and specifically mentioned walking, running and cycling but I have heard others mentioned by ministers such as tending to allotments. This advice may change and we may be told to adhere to stricter measures in the future. In the meantime it is felt HCC should offer the following guidance in order to do everything possible to keep ourselves and other members safe.

You may feel that kayaking could be undertaken under these present
guidelines but club advice is :

– Members should not kayak alone.

– It is important to avoid any gathering in the club car park and as such we recommend that members park along the access road or car park site using your club parking permit.

– If you feel it is necessary for you to use the club car park then you must ensure that individuals keep their “social distance” – keep vehicles and
individuals at least 2m apart and remember a group of more than 2, not from the same household is not allowed. So :

– No club equipment can be used – as it would be impossible to ensure surfaces on boats, paddles, etc are not clear of Covid-19 which can remain on hard surfaces for 7 days or more (this includes the containers themselves).

– If you handle the lock on the gate and/or chains for access to car park or to water ensure that you use hand gel/wash your hands as these surfaces are likely to have been touched not only by members but other members of the public who do pass through this area.

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